Oct 17

Why Buy Your Child a Book?

Ask any parent who reads to their child, and you will discover why they buy children’s books on a regular basis. Children’s books are one of the most important tools that you can buy to cultivate your child’s inner curiosity and confidence when it comes to learning about the world around them.

According to the National Education Association and many other authorities on education, children who read at home have greater success in school. This is a “no-brainer” for many parents, which is why many families buy children’s books online and carve out time in their busy schedule to read together.

By reading children’s books like “Who’s in the Grass,” you can help your child develop key language and literacy skills at an early age. If you buy kids books online, you have the best chance at finding the right material to introduce to your family and give them the advantage of early learning. Children who are read to frequently are more likely to recognize letters in the alphabet, count to 20 or higher, write their own names, and even read or pretend to read on their own when compared to children who are not read to on a frequent basis, according to research.

The best children’s books to buy are ones that are appropriate for the reader’s age group. It is also ideal to buy kids books online that have vivid imagery and provide opportunities for sensory experiences. Books with pop-ups or flaps, like Who’s in the Grass, give children a chance to engage with the storyline and think as they go along. Stories with rhyming and lyrical phrasing can help kids learn new words and new ways of using the words they already know.

It is never too early to start reading to your child. Buy Who’s in the Grass today!

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