Jan 22

Mummy was getting cross at Telstra on the phone

“Mummy was getting cross at Telstra on the phone and so I went to my room and started writing randomly,” says Alyssa, who will be in Year 4 at Wellington Point State School this year.

“I didn’t even think why I should write it (but) at school I’m always the person who writes the longest and I never have to do a lot of editing.”

Alyssa’s mother, Kerry Mulholland, showed the hand-written draft to her daughter’s teacher who encouraged her to self-publish the little book.

“We’ve sold 300 copies to date, mostly through the book’s website,” Ms Mulholland said.

Although Alyssa says she has some other story ideas for future books, they remain under lock and key in her secret diary until she’s ready to put pen to paper again.

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