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Book Review by Literary Publicist Jennifer Douglas

Book Review by Literary Publicist Jennifer Douglas

The other day I was at the computer doing some homework and when I had finished I was looking for some inspiration for another book and I stumbled across a lovely review that was written for my book. Would you like to have a read and see discover what Literary Publicist Jennifer Douglas said about my book? 

Who’s In The Grass may appear as a normal lift the flap story book but within it holds something magical. It holds the gift from one child to another.
Author Alyssa Jayne Mulholland is an 8 year old girl who, along with the assistance of her mother Kerry Mulholland, has created a storybook world of magical animals and peek a boo surprises. This is a light amusing book that will delight children from birth upwards.
The familiar animals and the lyrical words create a world that, when shared to a young child, introduces concepts, words, sounds and animals within their environment. When presented to an older child who is familiar with the nonsense words and world within you are sure to hear giggles of glee. Who’s In The Grass lends itself to a great first reader with the pictures prompting the words.
This is a beautifully presented book. The silver reflective backing of the cover works well adding to the charisma within and allowing the child to see a reflection of themselves within the grass. I scratched my head for some time as to why this book was titled Who’s In The Grass. I even shared it with other adults who also could not see where the title was associated with the book. Within we find out who’s behind the tree, who’s in the flowers, who’s hiding in the leaves, who’s hiding over there in the bucket of water, who’s hiding in the tree, who’s in the bush, who’s under my bed and who’s all snuggled up in bed but no mention of grass can be found. It dawned on me whilst writing this review and critiquing and analyzing it that the Who’s In The Grass refers to the child’s reflection on the front cover. This concept seems to have initially been lost. I feel it would have been nice to end the book on this note with the reflection of the child on the last page, carrying the title through to the storyline.
I love the illustrations of this book. They are clear and large with just the right amount of detail to provoke discussion and labeling in the younger child. A bumble bee can be found on each page with the toys on page 17 being found on the bed on page 19, along with the tail of the cat from earlier in the story. One thing I found interesting is that there is no mention of who illustrated this book on the cover. I was so sold on the illustrations that I wanted to know who did them. I even went online to see if I could find a mention of the illustrator but all leads led to dead ends. After a lot of thought and reading of all the fine print within the cover I discovered mention of the illustrator being Glen Singleton. For some reason I felt cheated that the illustrator had not been given a bold mention and felt as though the book had been, to a degree, left in an unfinished state. As a reader it is always nice to know who drew the pictures, especially in a book like this where the illustrations play a major role.
Overall this is a great book that will hopefully inspire other creative children to believe in themselves, write from the heart and share with others. My 6 year old daughter and myself enjoyed sharing this book. My adult quirks do not matter to a child. It is the sharing, nonsense within and overall journey of words and pictures that matter most to a child. This book is presents professionally making it a beautiful gift for a child.





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