Jan 17

Did You See Who’s In The Grass in The Courier Mail?

Alyssa Jayne Mulholland

Alyssa Jayne Mulholland, 9, has not only had a children’s book published, but it has been picked up by Brisbane City Council libraries. Picture: Mark Calleja Source: The Courier-Mail

WHILE most girls her age will be playing with friends or swimming on Saturday, Alyssa Mulholland, 9, will be signing copies of her book at a shopping centre in Capalaba. 

The Wellington Point youngster has written a flip the flap book for children titled Who’s In the Grass?, which invites readers to guess which animals are hiding in various parts of a garden.

Alyssa’s clever use of repetition, sound effects, rhythm and alliteration has led Brisbane City Council to stock the book in libraries.

The idea for the book came about innocently enough about a year ago.

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